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5 Year Team

24 Dec 2018 -

5 Year Experience Quality System 

1. Best and reliable materials for different customer’s needs.

Materials for LCM includes LCD panel, driver IC, FPT, backlit, each components we have best suppliers or reasonable solution for different requirements.

Our R&D team can make exact project solution and materials for customer`s requirements, the experienced supplier chain will provide high quality materials, ensure all components 100% meets customer`s requirements.

2. Experienced and stable producing technique

Advanced and stable producing equipment;

Experienced and stable technique parameters and flow lines.;

Experienced technique engineers team;

High efficient producing control team, ensure our lines run stable and properly;

ISO9001 certificated company, has completed quality control system.

  3. Strict Quality Inspection system

100% all inspecting on lines, ensure each piece are good on our lines;

ISO9001 certificated company, hav full quality control system;

Focus on performance and stability, ensure our products have better life.

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