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VIEWE will participate in August Shenzhen IOTE2017 Internet of Things exhibition

19 Jul 2017 -

2017(9th) Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition will be held on 16-18 Aug, The Expo will be described as famous enterprises, Shenzhen VIEWE Technology Co., Ltd. will exhibit IOTE2017 Internet of Things exhibition, booth number B3.

In recent years, the traditional enterprises and IT giants have laid things networking,Internet of things in the manufacturing, retail, service, public utilities and other areas to accelerate penetration, but also makes the Internet of things from the basic identification of goods, network information transmission, began to platform management, data analysis and other higher level of demand upgrades , The global ecosystem to accelerate the construction.According to the Ministry of Industry forecast 2020, the overall scale of China's Internet of Things will be more than 1.8 trillion.

In this wave of information technology revolution, companies want to take the lead to seize the commanding heights of development, share the market cake, we must advance with the times, to achieve intelligent management transformation. Shenzhen VIEWE Technology Co., Ltd., as the pioneer and market leader in the development of China's display industry, has been working hard for years to focus on the research and development, production, sales and service of hand-held data terminals, intelligent home terminals and other industry application equipment and overall solutions. To help logistics express terminal, intelligent home, finance, POS machines, networking equipment, and other industries to achieve intelligent enterprise management transformation, so that efficiency growth.

Internet-related technology has been widely used in transportation, logistics, industry, agriculture, health care, health, security, home, tourism, military and so on more than 20 areas. In the next three years, China's Internet of Things industry will be the smart grid, smart home, digital city, intelligent medical, automotive sensors and other areas of the first universal, is expected to achieve three trillion of the total output value. VIEWE will grasp the historical development opportunities, follow the fast development of the Internet of Things industry, enhance the application of products in the Internet of Things level, the joint resources, to create high-level Internet of things industry chain.

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