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Is the price of the industrial display screen higher than that of the ordinary display screen?

18 Dec 2018 -

When it comes to the display screen, according to the industry classification, it is generally divided into industrial display screens and ordinary consumer displays. Many people say that industrial displays are much more expensive than ordinary consumer displays. Why is it more expensive than the consumer display screen? Today, Xiaobian will show you that the price of the industrial screen is higher than that of the ordinary display. Is it just the price?

1. High reliability

The industrial display screen is mainly used in the display screen of industrial control equipment. The difference between it and the ordinary display is the special design of dust-proof and shockproof. The industrial LCD displays the effect of a wide temperature (- 30 to 85 degrees), and the protection grade by IPXX. The former is dustproof and the latter is waterproof. The highest dustproof grade is 6, and the highest water proof is 8.

2. Contrast

The industrial display screen is different from the consumer display screen, which is mainly used for direct viewing. For industrial display, the user may not watch it at the best distance or ideal light, so the higher contrast industrial display screen is the best choice.


3. Brightness

Since most of the ordinary consumer products are used in the indoor environment, the brightness is about 250 to 300cd/m2 (nite). However, the luminance level display can not be met in the industrial environment. This is because the ambient light is stronger and its brightness is easier to exceed the brightness of the LCD backlight. Moreover, touchscreens are often used in industrial environments, which will also reduce the brightness of the display and make it look dull. In the usual medical and industrial applications, the required luminance should be at least 450 cd/m2.

4, color

In some industrial applications, special color information is more important than text or numbers. It is very important to use the measured color as the percentage of the NTSC color saturation of the control. In LCD products, color saturation is totally dependent on backlight. CCF (cold cathode Ying Guangping) backlight is a very popular technology, and it can reach 70% and 80% of NTSC color saturation. Therefore, good image and color is also a highlight of industrial display.

5. Life span

For consumers in the industrial market, whether they are used in industrial equipment or with display terminals on medical equipment, it is rare to find a screen that guarantees 10 years of work. Industrial screen display manufacturers can provide life cycle to meet or exceed 10 years of display. But most consumer display manufacturers in the life cycle of 3-5 years. In contrast, a consumer display screen used in a desktop display, laptop, or other consumer device changes within a year, sometimes to every 6 months. These displays mainly attract consumers by price or appearance, just like meteors: a flash away. But they also have their own position in the market and are widely used in the field of consumption. The products in this field have not much demand for the continuous work and compatibility of the shape and size of the display.

The industrial display screen, which has the advantages and characteristics of the ordinary consumer display screen, can work well in the more harsh industrial environment. VIEWE, as the leading brand of industrial control display, has been concentrating on industrial display screen, industrial touch screen, optical bonding product R & D and manufacture, provides integrated display touch solutions, and provides high-end photoelectric performance technology supporting services. VIEWE has been adhering to the focus of the attitude and professional spirit, with innovation as the driving force and quality as the lifeline, to create a number of high-quality industrial display touch screens, widely used in the handheld terminal, the three defense mobile phones, medical equipment, the Internet of things equipment and other industries. Purchasing industrial display screen to find VIEWE right!

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