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How to purchase a medical display screen

18 Dec 2018 -

  There are many problems in the medical industry, such as complicated routine work flow, error prone and untimely information interaction. Since the emergence of medical terminal, the efficiency of hospital management is greatly strengthened, medical errors are reduced, labor intensity of medical workers are reduced, and patient satisfaction is improved. As the core part of the medical terminal, the medical display screen bears the main function, which directly affects its normal operation and performance. Now how can we choose the medical display screen in the market so many displays?

First, the medical display screen is selected from the parameters.

  1, the diagnostic workstation suggests that 3MP and 5MP monitors should be configured. 3MP and DR should not be selected.

  2, observation and teaching workstations suggest that 2MP and 1MP monitors should be configured.

  3, the matching medical screen is equipped with a dedicated special graphics card, with 10bit output gray scale.

Two. The medical display screen is selected from the authentication.

  With CCC certification and FDA certification, it is the medical screen recognized by the medical profession. Safety certification: CE, UL and CCC certification is the only medical screen.


Three. The medical display screen is selected from the function.

  1, select the medical display screen that can carry out DICOM correction, with special correction software.

  2, there is optical sensor interface on the back of the display, which can be corrected by optical sensor, otherwise it can't be corrected.

  3. A medical display screen with a luminance constant device is selected to ensure that the brightness of the medical display screen does not change with time. It can ensure the consistency and integrity of the system display.

  4. Because of the requirements of teaching and the habit of doctors, doctors at home and abroad are used to use pen on film or display screen to show the point of view of the specific details of the image.

  LCD screen material is a fragile material. In order to adapt to the medical environment, the screen manufacturers will be responsible for installing LCD panels in production.

  Medical display screen is an important part of medical equipment, its quality directly affects the normal operation of medical terminal. Viewe is focused on providing display, touch screen and touch integrated solutions for terminal clients of medical terminal, industrial handheld data terminal, three defense mobile phone, Internet of things and other terminal customers. The choice of trust. If you want to order [industrial display touch screen], you can get in touch with us at any time, we can customize it for you, viewe service hotline 400-660-3306.

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