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Analysis of all fit technology and advantages

18 Dec 2018 -

  Nowadays Internet era, many manufacturers have hope their products on hardware highlighting your differentiation, the joint has become the mainstream, what is the laminating technology, it must do display industry is quite understanding, but for the layman may be less profound understanding, below will explain to you what is the laminating technology, has its advantages:

Structure of the screen

  From the structure of the screen, we can roughly divide the screen into three parts, from top to bottom, protecting glass, touch screen and display screen.The three parts is need to undertake joint, generally requires two joint, between the protective glass and touch screen is a joint, and another joint is between the screen and touch screen. According to the way of the fit can be divided into the whole and the frame paste two kinds.

Box stick

  So-called box stick glue joint is also called mouth words, that is simple to secure around the screen and display with double-sided adhesive, which is at present most of the display screen is adopted by the joint mode, its advantage lies in the simple process and low cost, but because the display screen and the touch screen, there is air layer between the light refraction cause show effect after discounted become box posted the biggest drawback.


All joint

  It is completely glued together with a water glue or an optical glue to glue the panel to the touch screen in a seamless manner. Compared to frame paste, can provide better display effect.

Full fit

  The all-match technology eliminates the air in the screen, which helps reduce the reflection between the display panel and the glass, which can make the screen look more transparent and enhance the display effect of the screen. There are many smart machines that use full - fit technology.

  Another benefit of the all-stick technique is that the screen will never get gray again. The touch control module is also enhanced by the close combination of the panel. Besides, it can effectively reduce the interference caused by panel noise to the contact signal.

  Although the huge advantage of joint, but the yield is relatively low, because of the poor yield on the surface of the glass and even panel joint in the process of consumption, scrap, will inevitably cause costs rise, so the deaeration and joint yield control will become the factors that are more important than the cost of materials.

  The above is what VIEWE collated for everyone to fit, and all the advantages. VIEWE is a professional manufacturer and supplier display, touch screen and touch display integration products, strong R & D team, efficient management, sophisticated production technology and rich experience in manufacturing, and the liquid crystal display module manufacturers become David horizon and display solution providers. The products are widely used in industrial hand-held terminals, Internet of things, intelligent home, medical terminal and other industries.

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