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4.0 inch remodeling space interaction defines the future of wisdom

11 Jun 2019 - ips screen,ips lcd screen,ips lcd module

The future industrial production will be highly intelligent, and the rapid rise of new generations of Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies will cause huge waves in various sub-sectors, from smart home appliances to self-driving cars, from wearable to  Internet healthcare, from smart manufacturing to smart agriculture, has revolutionized our life intelligence experience, making it more efficient, energy efficient and flexible than ever before.

Viewe introduces a 4.0-inch 480*480 display, reinventing spatial interaction to define the smart future, the perfect combination of buttons and touch, a new display experience embedded in the wall; can be used for Internet of Things, smart home And many other application scenarios.


The 4.0-inch display + capacitive touch screen has a resolution of 480x480 pixels at WVGA level, 450 brightness, and a lifetime of 30,000 Hours, which can achieve the desired effect on the display.  It currently meets the industry's highest professional protection rating of IP62, 1 meter to fall and fall, 1.5 meters deep water soaked without pressure.This square screen takes up very little space and has a very high touch sensitivity with a power of less . Wireless networkWi-FiCPUARM32bit 600MHzoperating systemLinux Can bring you an unprecedented interactive experience.


4.0 inch integrates multiple interaction modes, built-in powerful processors and environmental sensors, compatible with a variety of Internet of Things protocols, through AI and big data, to create a beautiful and convenient intelligent life.

Ultimate Integrated Wall Interaction:  Fragmented Home Interaction Environment Becomes Simple and Beautiful for the First Time

Multi-protocol Smart Home Gateway:  Supports four communication protocols, connects all devices, and unifies messy walls.

Scenario Home Service Entry:   Big data and AI support, providing diversified linkage and third-party expansion.

Video linkhttps://v.qq.com/x/page/d0878hr8idr.html


  A031-大 拷贝

Let's show how this fusion button interacts with touch, reinventing the control rules of technology, touch, and intelligence to achieve a comprehensive and efficient systemic interactive experience.



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