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LCD for Industrial

28 Dec 2018 -

Generally it refers to the LCD working well at tough condition (high temp, low temp, high brightness etc). Especially are the LCDs supporting wide temperature range (-30 to 80 ℃) and high brightness (over 400cd/m2).Widely working on Instruments and meters, communication devices, ATM/CRS etc. 

Now more and more digital equipments run in producing lines in China. It triggers a the revolution of intelligent manufacturing in China, IOT (Internet of things) are introduced to the world of manufacturing, the industrial automation are speeding up.

VIEWE can provide perfect display solution for automation device manufacturers, well suited for Man-Machine Interface, servo system, PLC, control instruments, process control system. Help our customer design and produce new devices for metal processing, home & textile, packaging and printing, Pharmacy, lathe,  carving, Electronics Manufacturing etc.

 Recommended Products: 4.3 inch, 7 inch, 9.7 inch TFT Display     


    Likewise, traffic equipments, lift, handheld devices, Access Control System, financial display devices, communication devices etc., all need industrial class display. 

industrial class display

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