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Touch display in medical equipment--Shenzhen Perth Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

14 Sep 2021 - LCD

Case background

Shenzhen Perth Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise providing high-end medical equipment and solutions to customers. Adopting internationally leading manufacturing processes and production processes, and passing multiple quality inspection standards, the ultimate market-oriented end products have absolute safety and reliability;


The particularity of the medical industry requires that the touch devices used in the application need to be easy to operate, alcohol-resistant, disinfecting, wiping and cleaning, and need to be able to operate with gloves. This is a visionary solution.

In the medical industry, the touch screen allows medical personnel to get rid of the constraints of the mouse and the keyboard, and the medical device can be operated by hand or gloved hands. Medical touch products can be applied to nurse workstations, doctor's offices, patient self-checking, computer-aided medical care, and the like.


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